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Sound system for congress, conferences, product presentations, press conference,  business meeting, incentives or any other event that requires excellent quality and clarity in the words and the message that you want to transmit.




LCD, DLP and Laser Led projectors, with XGA, SXGA+, FULL-HD and WUXGA resolutions.

For small conference rooms, large auditoriums, show or  video mapping presentations.

LCD monitor screens, from 42"

to 80",  LED monitor screens.



Decorative, scenic,

ambient, architectural

or festive lighting.

We have battery-powered wireless lighting for

quick and clean mounts.

We create unique spaces

with light and led lighting effects.


Nos involucramos en todos los proyectos que recibimos de clientes y creativos, con el objetivo de generar experiencias audiovisuales únicas, que emocionen y que hagan que el evento perdure en el Recuerdo. Analizamos el tipo de acontecimiento y el entorno en el que se va a realizar para ofrecer soluciones técnicas y estéticas a medida.


Proveemos soporte técnico y equipamiento de sonido, iluminación, vídeo - proyección y sistema de traducción simultánea.

Trabajamos con profesionales con amplia experiencia en el sector y con equipamiento actualizado y de primeras marcas.


Ofrecemos alquiler y venta de material audiovisual para empresas organizadoras de eventos, profesionales, salas de reuniones o exposiciones, hoteles y restaurantes.


Lighting is undoubtedly one of the most important factors in an event.

Through light we can achieve a special atmosphere, decorating areas with color and get a "visual impact" that puts more emphasis at the moment.

In AUVIPRO we have the best lighting technology to achieve the ideal environment for your events and shows.

We perform decorative, architectural, theatrical lighting, special lighting designs for corporate events or product presentations.

We work with LED lighting to obtain a wide variety of colors instantly with minimum consumption and maximum security. Thanks to their low temperature they are ideal for interiors and can be integrated in all kinds of decorations in bars or spots.

We have mobile heads for lighting effects and gobo projections with "logos" of companies, names or colorful motifs that highlight any event.

Consoles and lighting controllers by DMX and W-DMX - Wash Spot & Bean mobile heads - LED Bars, RGB LED Spots, RGBW and RGBWA-UV - Fresnels, PC Cuttings for theaters - LED Lighting with Spots and Bars, RGB and RGB + W - Truss Structures - LED Battery Spots to Indoor with Wireless DMX (100% autonomous) - LED Battery Spots to Outdoor with Wireless DMX - 2.5 and 6 m Elevation Towers - Special Effects, Smoke and Laser - W-DMX Wireless Solutions Transmitters - Projection of logos and images with movement - 3D designs for assemblies with special requirements


Each place has different characteristics and, sometimes, its construction or the materials used do not favor direct sound and its reproduction.

A sound system must always preserve clarity in the word and in the music that is being played, and for us it is fundamental to achieve this aim.

In AUVIPRO we strive to find the best technical solution, designing sound systems according to the activities or the event.

We also make fixed sound systems installations based on the characteristics of the place and its acoustics.

Technology allows us to work every day more efficiently, quickly and safely, getting results in full compliance with the audience.

To all this, we must add that the equipment is just one more link in the chain of service. For this reason, our team is made up of careful people, professionals, qualified staff prepared to offer a quality service.

Analogue and digital sound consoles from 6 to 40 channels - Wireless handheld microphones, lapel and headband - Microphones for round tables with delegate function - Flexo microphones for lectern or chair tables - CD, MP3, USB audio players - Speakers for conferences of minimum visual impact and excellent performance - Sound systems for events with special requirements of excellent distribution and sound pressure - Line Array systems for concerts and shows - Audio distribution rack for press


The visual content (images, videos and presentations) projected in an event are of utmost importance to those who organize it and must correspond to the reality or unreality that they want to show and transmit to get a visual impact on the audience.

In AUVIPRO we know that the effort and work dedicated to that content must be reflected, so we give crucial importance to the resolution, contrast, brightness and color adjustments.

We reproduce presentations of Power Point, Keynote or video with maximum quality.

We make videoconferences, live and closed circuit reproductions with professional cameras.

Special or classic 4: 3 and 16: 9 screening formats, for small hotel rooms and meeting rooms or mega screenings at concerts and shows.

We work with equipment from top brands.

Projectors for small rooms, 2500, 3000, 4000 and 4500 ansi-lumens, DLP and LCD - Professional projectors of 5000, 6500, 8000, 9000, 10K, 12K, 15K and 20K, XGA, SXGA +, HD, and Full HD for large projections in rooms, cinema, facades or mapping - Projectors with laser-LED technology - 21 "24" 27 "42" 47 "60" and 65 "LED LCD Monitors - VGA and HDMI Matrix - HDMI and DVI-HD to HDBT (RJ45) Converters - SDI-HD to HDMI Converters - Climbers in all formats - Outdoor LED display P5.2 - Indoor LED display P2.9 - Full-HD and 4K professional and semi-professional video cameras - Video mixers in 4, 8 and 12 SDI-HD, HDMI, DVI, VGA inputs and Video composite - Tripod and portable front projection screens - Large projection screens, special formats or with 4: 3 and 16: 9 ratio


Globalization is a large-scale economic, technological, social and cultural process that, among other factors, favors communication between countries.

Thanks to this process, today there are countless videoconferences, conferences, presentations and international meetings in which simultaneous interpreting systems are used to allow participants to express themselves in their own language.

AUVIPRO offers the most used equipment today; the infrared digital system, which allows excellent coverage, security and confidentiality.

We work with soundproof cabins where the interpreters are located, a set of emitting radiators that offer a total coverage of the room and a series of small receivers with channel selectors by language, volume and headphones that are delivered to each participant .

The benefits of this system are the key to a quick communication of the aims, facilitating dialogue with audiences of other languages.

Soundproof cabins for simultaneous interpreting - Digital infrared transmission system

Analog and digital desks of up to 6 languages - 6 Ch digital receivers

High power LED emission radiators - Issue up to 4 consecutive languages



Mixers digitales y analógicos

Software de control DMX y ARNET

Sistemas de transmisión DMX inalámbricos


Barras pixel LED

Spots Par LED

Spots a batería

para interior o exterior

Cabezas móviles

Spot / Wash / Beam

Barras Pixel LED

Tiras LED digital

Mini Spots LED

Lámparas RGBA

para centros de mesa



Racks de prensa

Tiras LED digital

Mini Spots LED

Lámparas RGBA

para centros de mesa

Micrófonos para atril

Micrófonos diadema o solapa

Mixers de audio   analógicos o digitales


Autoamplificados o pasivos

Sistemas Line Array

Sistemas P.A. portables

Sistemas de microfonía inalámbrica

Micrófonos delegado

para debate o mesa redonda

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